The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2017

If you're ready to make 2017 your best year ever (for real this time), The Gorgeous Guide to Goal Conquering 2017 is a workbook-style tool that will help you to do exactly that. We'll dig into what's truly important to you and talk about how your ideal life would feel. We'll use that exploration to determine what you want to see happen in the years ahead, then set annual and monthly goals that help you live into that vision. This is the fourth edition of the Gorgeous Guide, and by far the best one yet!

Inside these 30 pages of goodness, you'll find:

  • A guided 6-step process to help you get clear on your vision, values and passions
  • Plenty of exercises to help you reflect and learn more about yourself
  • Space to record your big goals for the year, as well as a template for setting monthly goals that ladder up to the big ones
  • Tips and resources for keeping yourself accountable

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